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International Workshop "Approximation and Matrix Complexity"

The laboratory "High-dimensional approximation and applications" in cooperation with Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics will held an online (via Zoom) one day workshop "Approximation and Matrix Complexity" on December 21. Everyone is invited to attend.

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Program (Moscow time, UTC+3):

Tuesday, December 21

→ 17:00-17:50 Mathias Sonnleitner, "Random information for recovery in \(L_2\)", video;

→ 18:00-18:50 Yuri Malykhin, "On connections between matrix complexity, Kolmogorov widths and n-term approximation", video;

→ 19:00-19:50 Alexander Razborov, "Matrix rigidity", video;

→ 20:00-20:50 Vladimir Podolskii, "Weights of polynomial threshold functions", video.

Organizing commitee:

V.N. Temlyakov (chair)

B.S. Kashin (chair)

Yu.V. Malykhin (scientific secretary)

Contacts: approx.lab.msu@gmail.com