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International conference "Approximation Theory and Applications"

International Conference "Approximation Theory and Applications" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of S.B. Stechkin will take place in Moscow from September 5 (arrival day) till September 11 (departure day), 2021. The conference will proceed in the hybrid format (in person and online via Zoom).

Accomodation: "Golden Ring Hotel", 5 Smolenskaya street, Moscow.

Offline meetings will take place in the room "Serguiev Posad", Golden Ring Hotel.

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The conference is organized in cooperation with Steklov Institute and Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics.

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Monday, September 6: offline meeting

9:20-9:50 Participant registration

9:50-10:00 Opening of the conference

10:00-10:50 S.V. Konyagin, "On some papers of S.B. Stechkin";

11:00-11:50 V.M. Tikhomirov, "Approximation Theory and S.B. Stechkin's works";


12:30-13:20 S.Yu. Tikhonov, "Smoothness conditions in approximation theory";


15:00-15:30 A.Yu. Popov, "Sharp constants in the estimates of the sums of sine series with monotone convex coefficients";

15:30-15:55 M.V. Balashov, "Stability of minimization problems and the error bound conditions in the Hilbert space";

15:55-16:20 N.Yu. Antonov, "On the rate of convergence of Fourier sums of continuous functions with constraints on the fractality of their graphs";

16:20-16:45 V.I. Filippov, "Integer decomposition of elements of the spaces \(L_p\) in Fourier type series on systems of contractions and shifts of one function";


17:05-17:30 M.G. Plotnikov, "Uniqueness for rearrangements of the trigonometric system";

17:30-17:55 M.R. Gabdullin, "Squares in a short interval is a \(\Lambda_4\)-set";

17:55-18:20 P.G. Potseiko, "Approximations on Classes of Poisson Integrals by Fourier–Chebyshev Rational Integral Operators" (joint with E. A. Rovba).

18:20-18:45 R.R. Akopyan, "Stechkin's problem on the classes of analytic functions".


19:00 Welcome buffet

Tuesday, September 7: offline meeting

10:00-10:50 A.Yu. Shadrin, "On cardinality of the lower sets and their universal discretization";

11:00-11:50 N.A. Ilyasov, "S.B. Stechkin's inequalities in approximation theory: the key estimation and pairwise equivalency";


12:30-13:20 A.L. Lukashov, "Interpolation by rational functions: several intervals; several variables";


15:00-15:50 M.G. Grigoryan, "Existence and structure of universal functions in different senses";

16:00-16:30 V.Yu. Protasov, "Application of subdivision schemes to a problem of number theory";

16:30-16:55 B.I. Golubov, "Some results and problems in dyadic harmonic analysis";


17:15-17:40 M.A. Skopina, "Wavelet approximation in Orlicz spaces";

17:40-18:05 B.P. Osilenker, "On Fourier series in orthogonal Sobolev’s polynomials";

18:05-18:30 M.I. Dyachenko, "The asymptotic of the sums of cosine-series with fractionely monotone coefficients near the origin";

18:30-18:55 D.V. Gorbachev, "Solving the Delsarte problems for spherical designs by the Arestov-Babenko method";

18:55-19:20 S.Yu. Artamonov, "Besov spaces with generalized smoothness and summability of multiple Fourier series".

Wednesday, September 8: online (zoom)

10:00-10:50 V.I. Berdyshev, "The movement of an object and an unfriendly observer";

11:00-11:50 S. Révész, "Fenton's sum of translates approach for classical minimax questions of approximation theory" (joint with Bálint Farkas, Béla Nagy);


12:30-13:20 V.V. Arestov, "Approximation of invariant operators";


14:30-15:00 E.M. Semenov, "Orthogonal elements of rearrangement invariant spaces";

15:00-15:30 E. Kopecká, "Approximating convex sets by simpler convex sets";

15:30-15:55 K. Paul, "\(k\)−smoothness of operators";


16:10-16:40 G.A. Karagulyan, "On some inequalities for multiplicative sequences of functions";

16:40-17:05 S.F. Lukomskii, "Tight wavelet frames in zero dimensional groups";

17:05-17:30 K. Kazaniecki, "Translation invariant version of little Grothendieck theorem for Sobolev spaces";


17:45-18:35 G. Garrigos, "The Haar basis in classical smoothness spaces";

18:45-19:35 J. Sahasrabudhe, "Flat Littlewood polynomials exist".

Thursday, September 9: offline meeting

10:00-10:50 V.G. Krotov, "The Fatou Property for General Approximate Identities on Metric Measure Spaces";

11:00-11:50 V.N. Ushakov, "On some control problems and approximation of sets in these problems" (joint with Uspenskii A.A., Lebedev P.D., Ershov A.A.);


12:30-13:20 I.G. Tsarkov, "Caustics, Mach disks, application to astrophysics";


15:00-15:30 G.E. Ivanov, "Existence and uniqueness of the nearest and farthest points of two subsets of a Banach space";

15:30-16:00 A.R. Alimov, "Some solar problems in max- and min-approximation";

16:00-16:25 M.S. Lopushanski, "Construction of rectifiable curves in proximally smooth sets";

16:25-16:50 B.B. Bednov, "On Chebyshev and monotone path-connected sets";


17:10-17:35 K.S. Shklyaev, "Convex hull of a set in terms of metric projection";

17:35-18:00 L.Sh. Burusheva, "An example of a Banach space with non-Lipschitzian metric projection on any straight line".


18:30 Banquet

Friday, September 10: online (zoom)

10:00-10:50 R.M. Trigub, "On the Fourier series and Fourier transforms";

11:00-11:50 V.I. Ivanov, "Weighted Inequalities in Dunkl Harmonic Analysis";


12:30-13:20 Yu.S. Volkov, "Convergence of interpolation processes and conditionality of systems of equations for spline construction in the general problem of spline interpolation";

13:20-13:45 T. Jahn, "On the optimal constants in the two-sided Stechkin inequalities";


14:30-15:20 G.G. Gevorkyan, "Uniqueness Theorems for Simple Trigonometric Series and its Application to Multiple Series";

15:30-16:00 W. Sickel, "S-Numbers of Embeddings of Weighted Wiener Classes";

16:00-16:25 R. Schneider, "Tree Based Tensor Networks (HT/TT) for the numerical solution of non-linear partial differential equations";

16:25-16:50 P.Yu. Glazyrina, "Turán's inequality, inverse to Markov's inequality, for compact sets in the complex plane";


17:05-17:30 D. Sain, "Orthogonality and best approximations in Banach spaces";

17:30-17:55 A. Ray, "Bhatia-Semrl Property of a bounded linear operator";

17:55-18:20 S. Gupta, "Strong proximinality in Banach spaces";

18:20-18:45 T. Nath, "Differentiability of Distance Function and The Proximinal Condition implying Convexity".


→ Approximation in Banach spaces.

→ Harmonic analysis and Multivariate approximation

Organizing commitee:

→ D.V. Treshchev (chair)

V.N. Temlyakov (chair)

S.V. Konyagin (chair)

Yu.V. Malykhin (deputy chair)

O.S. Goryainova (scientific secretary)

→ A.Yu. Shadrin

K.S. Ryutin

→ N.N. Andreev

M.R. Gabdullin

→ V.E. Podolskii

A.P. Solodov

O.S. Kudryavtseva

Program commitee:

→ V.N. Berdyshev (chair)

B.S. Kashin (chair)

→ N.Yu. Antonov

→ V.V. Arestov

→ O.V. Besov

→ V.I. Ivanov

S.V. Konyagin

B. Sendov

V.N. Temlyakov

→ N.N. Kholshchevnikova

→ I.G. Tsarkov

→ N.I. Chernykh

→ A.Yu. Shadrin